The Health and Safety of our workers and the Sustainability of our operations are undisputed priorities for Haizea Wind Group.

Producing in a safe and environmentally friendly manner are concepts that are intrinsically linked in our organisation. To achieve this, we have goals that encourage us to continuously improve, measuring our progress towards what is our ultimate ambition: zero injuries, zero environmental impact and, ultimately, zero losses.

Preventing injuries, damage to health, and any kind of pollution while minimising environmental impact are our goals. We have implemented management systems for this purpose, which are certified with regard to both ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015.

The organisational culture in HSE matters is growing, driven by a sense of ownership and responsibility, self-reliance, the leadership of management, and the involvement of the entire organisational structure, which are managing to integrate the aspects of Health, Safety and the Environment into the daily management and operations of the company. We engage, train and hold the people within the organisation accountable for respecting, sharing and implementing HSE best practices, whether they are Haizea employees, suppliers or subcontractors.

We are determined to make HSE management a source of pride, reducing costs and risks, strengthening our positioning with partners and clients, enhancing our reputation and increasing productivity to improve operational excellence and our business value.


Employee health & safety are core values for Haizea Wind Group. In general, our Occupational Risk strategy is governed by the following principles of action:

  • To comply with current Occupational Risk Prevention law.
  • To promote a culture of occupational health & safety in the activity of all our employees, guaranteeing our commitment to providing adequate health & safety conditions and the exercising of participation and consultation, thereby complying with the highest regulatory and organisational health & safety standards.
  • To provide the material resources contributing to safety.
  • To conduct awareness campaigns among employees.


To ensure a sustainable economy, it is essential to repair climate change, which threatens the future of coming generations, and sustainability. Aware of the environmental impact of its activities, Haizea Wind Group has defined and implemented the most effective mechanisms to minimise their scope.

At Haizea Wind Group, we believe in sustainability as a way of getting things done, aligning the strategic development of the Group with the concerns and needs of our stakeholders, thus combining the obtaining of profits with social commitment and respect for the environment.

Our main objectives are:

  • The constant search for a balance between profits and environmental protection, encouraging approaches so that both concepts reinforce each other.
  • Involving our other stakeholders (shareholders, clients, suppliers and society in general) in finding useful solutions to the challenge of preserving the environment and energy resources.


Quality is part of the Haizea Wind Group culture, clearly oriented towards customer service. We therefore we work to ensure that our solutions adapt to the specific needs of our clients while complying with the highest standards of quality and safety in their uses. Overall, our Quality Management strategy is based on:

  • Knowledge of client expectations when supplying our products.
  • Ongoing inspections and audits of projects and processes, adopting appropriate corrective action.
  • Developing the mindset of continuous improvement across all areas of the organisation, excluding conformism and lack of rigour.

All our production plants have procedures and quality control points in place throughout the production process to ensure the highest standards are met. We also perform non-destructive tests and collect dimensional data and certificates that are delivered as documentation together with our product, as well as quality dossiers for the client. We employ both external and internal quality inspectors for this purpose.